Why choose Cross Wealth Management?

We Hope What Matters Most To Us, Matters To You Too.


Reasons For Why Choosing Us | Cross Wealth Management


It’s about presence. It’s about putting the people around us at ease, like a comforting old friend who is welcoming and understanding. An authentic person’s behavior, in terms of ethics and morals, is as predictable as snow during wintertime in Iowa. It’s a guarantee that you’ll be treated with dignity and that we’ll be forthcoming with you. It’s our brand’s promise.



We don’t walk away from our relationships after our clients choose to work with us, we dig in. All too often, we see a lack of effort of service in this industry and we view that as unacceptable conduct. In our view, above all else, we are here to serve YOU. For this reason, we are always available for a phone call or a meeting. And we will never choose to focus on finding a new client, over choosing to service our existing ones. The long-term relationships we foster are far too valuable to us to simply walk away from.

Reasons For Why Choosing Us | Cross Wealth Management


Reasons For Why Choosing Us | Cross Wealth Management



Ames, Iowa. It’s our home and likely yours too. We want our community to prosper, grow and to thrive. For that to happen, the community-oriented people we work with must enjoy prosperity in their businesses and their lives. We know that by helping the individuals in our community, we make our home a better place to live and raise our families.



We’re held to a higher standard of care, a fiduciary. It’s not about ‘suitability’ when it comes to investments, it’s about finding the best possible fit for your goals and objectives, conflict-free. The fact is, we do not need a governing regulatory body to tell us we ought to act in the best interest of our clients. At Cross Wealth Management, integrity and moral uprightness is the foundation upon which our firm was founded.

Reasons For Why Choosing Us | Cross Wealth Management


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